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Lumen, a tutoring and test preparation company located in New York City, provides individualized programs designed to fit every student’s unique learning style. From preparing for the SAT, studying for that Physics exam or brainstorming a thesis for Macbeth, Lumen’s tutors provide a supportive space from which the student will not only learn, but flourish.

The client wanted her audience to recognize immediately that Lumen considers the whole student in its approach to tutoring, and its tutors adapt their instruction based on a student’s unique challenges.

With that in mind, the brand is inspired by the dispersement of light from a single source (the student and her potential), the circles present a pattern not readily recognizable: the dots on a standardized test knocked out of alignment (individualized learning)—symbols that parents associate with tutoring and testing, but in this form bring calmness. The clean curved lines of the font, inspire confidence, approachability. The photographs show students engaged in a learning process that is both realistic and warm.

Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.—Albert Einstein


A tutoring service based in New York City

Website design

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