826NYC Review

Book Design

When 826NYC and Warby Parker team up, big things happen. It all starts at the tutoring center in Park Slope, Brooklyn, behind the secret door of the Superhero Supply Co., where students ages 6 to 18 are inspired to write amazing stories. Those stories are collected in a book. In it, you’ll find a cup of hot chocolate stranded in the cold, a self-deprecating haiku, a pine tree with a medical degree. The book is designed; it’s released—along with a pair of limited edition [Chip] Kidd frames by Warby Parker.

Book design by Pettypiece


No. of pages: 188
Retail price: $15.00
Format: Trade paperback, matte cover
ISBN: 978-1-934750-55-1
Purchase: Superhero Supply Co.

Art Direction
Cover Design
Interior Design

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