Goodwill Wheel Project

Print Design

We visit the Adirondacks each summer to hike a couple of the 46 high peaks, each of which can take six to eight hours. Naturally, there’s time for reflection. This year, while making our way up the Giant, we asked ourselves: What’s the one thing we should individually work on going forward? for Suzanne, it was positivity; for Joshua, patience; and for Oliver, confidence.

Our gift to our family, friends, and colleagues this holiday season is a format for this same exercise in reflection, collaboration, and accountability. For when we better ourselves, we are in a better position to project goodwill outward.

We hope you will join us by completing and sharing a Goodwill Wheel card. Here’s how it works: Step 1: Have each person in your group—this could be family, coworkers, friends—decide which quality they’d like to improve. Step 2: Mutually consider eight obtainable goals you’d like to set for the year based on the categories in the two outer rings. For example, our annual goal is for one of us to take steps toward saving one person’s life by donating blood marrow (something one of us keeps saying she wants to do but has yet to take that first step). Step 3: once your wheel is complete, take a photo and share/tag it (#goodwillwheel). The idea is that your personal growth will set in motion your group’s larger wheel, which will be combined with the other 100 or so wheels received. By sharing them, we’ll not only get to see how they come together, but we’ll also hold one another accountable and bring some positive change this coming year.

Here’s to an inspiring, enlightening, holiday season.

Printed by
Aldine Printing in New York City

Paper Stocks:
Neenah in Patriot Blue
Mohwak Superfine

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